The Art of Story Telling

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Digital storytelling is simply telling stories in an exciting manner to please and elicit engagement with the audience. It creates a medium of expression in which people/brands translate digitally to present their ideas. Creativity has revolutionised in such an inspiring and captivating way these days where filmmakers, artists, graphic designers, creative directors, brand/advertising agencies have taken up telling or selling their ideas and content in such a fun yet informative way.

Be disruptive, original and fun…”

Content is so powerful these days, as a brand or merchandise, you need to create trends which are the most important feature to the public domain. People want to identify with great things and most often than not, brands tend to lose sight of who their target audience is and rather create content they personally like losing sight of what their audience would be pleased with. Every brand wants to be famous, and looking at the generation today, everybody likes to be associated with quality, sophisticated and cool stuff which is exactly the audience most brands are seeking to have on their radar.

  • Create quality content.
  • Don’t lose sight of your target audience.
  • Do not deviate from the narrative.
  • Be willing to take risks by creating out of the ordinary.

In a world that is over-saturated with creativity, it’s almost impossible to impress the audience as there are loads of content out there, but what makes your content stand out is the ability to influence your audience’s emotions. e.g. through humour. 

  • There is no rule to art, lead tastefully and try not to be too serious with design creation.
  • Produce content that people would enjoy just as much as you, the creator. 

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